Lincoln Heating Inc. offers a wide range of services in the installation and repair/maintenance of furnaces, water heaters, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioning etc. We also offer home improvement services inclusive of Plumbing, Ducting and Ventilation and Gas and BBQ Outlet Fitting.

Some of our prime services in heating and air conditioning include:

High Efficiency Furnaces
Our services are available for the high efficiency furnaces in the industrial sector. We offer comprehensive cleaning, repair and maintenance service for furnaces in the major and large scale industries as well.

Hot Water Tanks and Fireplace
We also deal in installation and service of hot water tanks and setting up of fireplace for residential clients. Our services are both cost-effective and top notch as per customer satisfaction.

We offer complete service and installation of industrial boilers. Our services include complete cleaning, washing, repair and post-installation maintenance of boilers. Our team conducts frequent investigation of boilers to ensure durability and performance.

Ducting and Ventilation and HRV
As a part of air conditioning services, we offer high quality and durable ducting and ventilation fitting for enhanced air conditioning. We also install and maintain quality Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) specifically designed to recover heat loss in exhaust air.

Gas Lines and BBQ Outlets
We also offer proficient fitting and adjustment services for gas lines and Barbeque Outlets for outdoor kitchen set ups etc.

Re/ Re Furnaces
We offer quality installation, repair and maintenance services for furnaces and also offer renovation and reconstruction of furnaces.

Ultra Violet Lights
We provide quality germicidal UV (ultra violet) lights and lamps which have medical significance. Similar to the ultra violet rays of the sun, these Ultra Violet lights destroy the harmful bacteria and virus in air and purifies the air indoor.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
We cater to the diverse cooling and heating needs of our various clients with specific requirements. We offer high quality air conditioning service with installation and maintenance of heat pumps as well.

On demand Water Heater
We also supply water heaters to our commercial as well as residential clients only on order. We offer efficient installation service of water heaters for client orders.